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Rings of the Street installation selected at Winnipeg Design Festival

PLAY_STREET competition is an international call by StorefrontMB to re-imagine public space as a play-scape. Rings of the Street installation sets a platform for a multi-layers of street play. The play is interpreted, modified and created by the users. The diverse range of rings gives possibility to re-imagine and interpret world class games, such as Javelin, Frisbee, Handball, Softball, Quidditch, Badminton, etc.

The installation is simple and visually pleasing. The Rings of the Streets can be installed on street alleys, along sidewalks or even on suburban streets. The simplicity and ambiguity of the installation brings many possibilities for street play and human interaction. By this, not only encouraging playful and performative activities but also connecting to Winnipeg’s Design Week 2019.

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