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Studio CLAUD Architecture and Urbanism called to bring forward a vision in creating a resilient and sustainable urban future and serve the city and its communities through architecture while acknowledging cultural authenticity, diversity in the creation of space.

The studio was established by Cecilia Dobos. She collaborates with other experts and entrepreneurs. She received a Master of Architecture diploma from TU Delft with an honor and her Urbanism degree from Hungary. Before establishing studio CLAUD she worked in the USA, Hungary, Japan and the Netherlands. In those years she has gained experience from houses to public buildings and public space design.  


In the Netherlands started working at Studio MAKS and GroupA and HP Architecten where  I was involved in diverse range of projects and a research for sustainable solutions on the redevelopment of the Electrical Sustainable Power Lab at the Technical University of Delft. After this experience I worked briefly at Sou Fujimoto Architects in Japan on the design development of the House of Hungarian Music. Returning to Europe I took a position at KAAN Architecten in the Netherlands on a design development of the New Amsterdam Court House, De Zalmhaven residential tower, and Geodesic Science Faculty at the University of Tübingen.  

Prior to my professional life in the Nederlands I have worked 5 years in Chicago at Froelich Kim Architecture, where I was involved in many housing, restaurant and interior design. Before working in Chicago gained 3 years of experience in urban design, developing master plans and regional development visions at Műépitész KFT in Hungary.      

More information on professional experiences and references click here


Bringing innovative and inspiring design into sustainable development for the benefit of individuals and society, impacting the future of (urban) living and empowering people by design.



Our urban and architecture designs aim to create a rich spatial experience with a focus on sustainability and innovation with implementing  new technologies that can empower and transform people's lives for a more ecological future.

concept development

Studio CLAUD is passionate about developing design concepts with a strong emphasis on sustainability, circularity and resilience. 


Within the fields of architecture and urbanism researching sustainable solutions for urban complexities and problems in the aim of developing a more resilient built environment of the future.  


Dream Big. Think creatively. Dare faithfully. Act strategically.

Make beautiful things. People are drawn to and inspired by beautiful things.

Innovate through technology for the greater cause of sustainability.

Think big, act small. Small steps compose the big picture. 

Take small ideas into large impact.

Be authentic. Stay original to your ideas and trust your intuition.

Be personal with design solutions. Personalized design creates uniqueness.

Be curious. Test your ideas.

Be the urban creative initiator. Trigger urban renewals, building transformations.

Be the change, embrace change. Face challenges with optimism and creative thinking.

Inspire, lead and love people and design.

Embrace creativity. Be creative means to be fearless

Think of improvements, whether personal or social. Personal and social improvements build a future cohesive society.

Build confidence, courage and determination.

Work and live with gratitude. It builds relationships and create a culture of respect.


call: +31 621 358 507


KvK: 70776229

Stadhuisplein 15

3012AR Rotterdam 

The Netherlands

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