Hannabi_the sofa tailor

Few days ago I had a chance to attend an inspiring round table discussion about the global market for Hungarian Designers. On this event I met Anikó Rácz who is the founder of @Hannabi studio where every sofa is tailored as a #modular element possible to use in various ways and easily made to fit any needs.

After our meeting, I wanted to know more about their products and idea. As a first step I visited #kajahu in the center of Budapest to see #hannabi sofas in use. I found the product very appealing and innovative. The sofas can be used either as seating or a backdrop; as a coffee table or an ottoman chair, as a space divider or filler. Hannabi is a modular sofa elements that can be extended or shortened by adding or removing one element and can be as small as an armchair or as large filling continuously a hundred meter space. It reminded me a childhood wooden building blocks that simply and organically create many configuration by adding and removing elements. I loved the concept and see many possibilities when working on interiors. In few days I will be visiting their studio and will be sharing more photos and inspirations how it can be used in various ways.

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