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Dwell in South Chicago

Location: Chicago, USA

Program: Sustainable urban development, Social housing development, Sustainable housing, Feasibility study and design 

Client: South Chicago Housing Developer   


Year: 2010

Status: Unbuilt

Design: Sig Froelich, Martin Kim, Aaron Gist, Cecilia Dobos at FKA 

The project is a result of a winning proposal for an urban renewal and development on the south side of Chicago, a highly problematic area with low quality housings, low income residents. The draft asked for housing that partially site constructed and partially prefabricated to reduce site waste. 

Our proposal created an easily transformable variation of dwellings, which were set on a open ground level concrete or brick construction extending the foundation of the building. On these masonry set and connected the prefabricated modules of the upper levels with a final finishes. 

The inside of the dwelling are highly flexible with the only necessary sheering cross walls to the two side walls, keeping the structure stiff. All the interior are tailored by the need and wishes of the dwellers. 

The project include two housing types: a multiple apartment complex in a three story building, and a two story low cost family housings. Both types extend to several blocks occupying all the vacant lots adding 150 new housings. 

Worked on this project as an architect from schematic design to presentation at Froelich Kim Architecture.

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