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Waterfront view_FINAL_merged_CYMK.png


Location: Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary

Program: Pavilion, Architecture, Public Space, Urban Landscaping, Public Gardens, Temporary Installation, Urban Design

Client: Municiplaity of Hajdúszoboszló

Area: 11.000 sqm

Year: 2019 

Status: Competition

Team: in collaboartion with Orsolya Mátyus, Ian Chaplin (WeCare Architecture) and Dániel Rádai (The Urbal) 

Koz-Part provides an urban experience of nature in the city of Hajdúszoboszló, a city of spa and water recreation Park in the East of Hungary. 

The design call assigned the participants to open to the public a green area located between the lake shore and Jozsef Attila road. The character of the area dominated by large trees with a green pasture lawn. 

Our concept for the design was to celebrate the lake with a walking route wining into the 'forest' and into the lake. This walking path connects the two main plazas at the deltas of the park. The two plazas focal element is water, manifested as a play in the water plaza and as a natural power to observe and connect to through the multi-functional pavilion. The board walk between the two plaza takes visitors through different activity places for play and sport, but also through different gardens (healing garden) to rest and to be restored. 

ISO cmyk.png

Isometric perspective view of the park

Route on boardwalk_FINAL_merged_CYMK.png

The boardwalk


Floating islands in summer


Public terrace / performance stage in winter

Interior view_FINAL.png

Interior of the multi-purposed pavilion

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