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Yellow Sky Trail 

Location: Heerlen, The Netherlands

Program: Rooftop, Public Space, Architecture, Urban Landscaping, Temporary Installation, Urban Design

Client: The Heerlen Rooftop Project

Area/Type: urban master plan

Year: 2019 

Status: Competition

Team: Cecilia Dobos 

Yellow Sky Trail is a boardwalk that connects 6 rooftops in the center of Heerlen. Like a prairie trail it runs through nature, food and renewable energy farms, villages, play and resting areas providing lookouts. The trail connects the rooftops either by a lookout bridge or a hilltop bridge creating a varied topography of landscape. 


The 1 km long Yellow Sky Trail of Heerlen is accessible at three points through ramps, stairs and elevators implemented as temporary steel structures. The rooftops host an outdoor or indoor gym, daycare with play park, a housing village with mini-living experimental housings, communal vegetable gardens, a butterfly dome and wild flower garden to enhance urban biodiversity, a Smartflower solar panel farm to provide electricity for the buildings around, a cafe and co-working space with roof terrace.    

The Yellow Sky Trail is an urban roof prairie walk that activates underused urban spaces with the community in mind. It acts as an escape to a ‘nature land’ while remaining in the city center. The project can be implemented either as a temporary or permanent implementation. The Yellow Sky Trail is painted yellow by locals making it personal to the citizens of Heerlen.

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