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Hula Hoop_PLAY_street.jpg

Rings of the Street

Location: Winnipeg Cielo Raso Alley

Program: Public play, Temporary Installation, Public Space, Urban Landscaping, Urban Design

Client: Winnipeg Design Festival

Area: n.a

Year: 2019 

Status: Competition (winning entry)

Diverse range of possible “STREET_PLAY” is the fundamental approach to this installation. The play is interpreted, modified and created by the users. There are only suggested elements to play with from world class games, such as Javelin, Frisbee, Handball, Softball, Quidditch, Badminton (through the rings) etc. The possibility for play is endless. The play is spontaneous and constant. The ‘glow in the dark’ application to the rings invites people to play day and night. The image of the installation is minimal, simple and visually pleasing. By this, not only encouraging play and interaction but also connecting to Winnipeg’s Design Week 2019.

The diverse diameter of rings allows the player to chose their level of challenge. For example, when Badminton is played through the rings, or when Frisbee need to pass small or larger rings. Therefore, the range of ring sizes allow the players to progress and be challenged. The rings are installed to different heights, not only for possible quidditch play, but also to bring from young kids to tall adults together to play their streets. 

The installation is simple. The rings can be attached to existing street lights or to temporary pols with heavy duty hose clamps. This technique can be also used to tighten the rings together. The Rings of the Streets can be installed on street alleys, along sidewalks or even on suburban streets. The simplicity and ambiguity of the installation brings many possibilities for street play and human interaction.

Playstreet_Rings of the Street.jpg
Playstreet_Rings of the Street_night.jpg
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