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Nested Wall

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Program: Urban Design, Architecture, Product Design

Client: Citylab010   

Year: 2019-2020

Status: Research, Design and Construction

In Collaboration: Bureau Stadsnatuur

Urban habitat for city birds 

Nested Wall is a project intersecting street art, architecture, design, urban ecology and community development. The aim of the project is to enhance urban biodiversity by creating natural habitats - “apartments” - for birds on blind walls while creating a nature oriented, aesthetically pleasing street art that raises awareness about the decline of urban wildlife and the issue of climate change. 

Cities are growing faster than ever before. People are living in more and more dense urban areas where green spaces and nature become a scarcity. This urban growth shrinks urban nature and threatens species that previously lived and bred in our cities. 

Creating a green wall for wildlife brings attention to the urging global issue of heat stress and its impact on our environment in an artistic manner. In this way it is raising a collective awareness to the need for nature oriented development while introducing a new dimension to street art. 

Nested Wall operates on four dimensions: a birdhouse, a collective bird’ dwellings, the neighborhood and the city. Its interdisciplinary nature   allows diverse approach and to co-create an integral solution for climate adaptation and to reach our collective sustainable development goals.  

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