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Boerderij Welgelegen 

Location: Abcoude, The Netherlands

Program: Housing, Single Family House, Transformation, Restoration, Interior Architecture, Sustainable interior 

Client: Esther & Berend de Voortwis   


Year: 2017-2018

Status: Built

Design: Cecilia Dobos


Boerderij Welgelegen is a refurbished and transformed Dutch farm house and stable from around 1850. The street front of the building contained the old farm house while the back part was an animal stable attached to the house by a vestibule, which now become the main entrance and foyer of the house. The central part that connects the living-working on the ground floor and the different rooms on the upper floor. Trough the foyer the house is connected to the four compartmentalized areas: family space (living room, dining, kitchen) in the old stable with the master suite on the upper floor connected to the working and guests areas and the children's rooms with bathroom and walk in closets on the upper floor of old farm house.

The front and the side facade of the building visible from the street is protected. The characteristic of the stable and the house is very charming with old wooden structure and small steel windows. These architectural elements creates a nice atmosphere inside the house, therefore, for the transformation of the stable and the refurbishment of the house it was important to archive the original characteristic of the interior wooden structure.  

On the ground floor in the old farm house was designed the office and meeting room with an attached lounge and a guest bedroom with in suite shower. Opposite side of the foyer is the kitchen, breakfast and living room opened up to the original roof structure. The stair leading up to the rooms are the center of the foyer making a loop to walk away from the entry but arriving to the bridge facing back towards the entry. The double height space and the light structure of the stair and bridge creates a bright spacious room. 


Through the transformation and refurbishment the house opening up most of the rooms to the sloped roof created a spacious bright house that archives and emphasizes the originality of the more then a century old Dutch farmhouse style.    


first floor plan
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