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Dwellings for Urban Birds

Location: Chicago, USA

Program: Product Design

Client: Pritzker School Community   

Year: 2010

Status: Built, Auctioned

Design: Sig Froelich, Cecilia Dobos at FKA

Our design and construction for these birdhouses at FKA (Froelich Kim Architecture) was a donation to an auction for the Pritzker School Community Art Project that proceeded towards Playground Project.

Concept for the design was based on an endangered bird species that wintered over in the Chicago area.

Our idea was to design a multi entry small birdhouses "under one roof". Each of the bird's flat contained 5 houses. 

The birdhouse is constructed out of wood, with oil painted colored entries. Each of the unit is suitable for a small bird family. The housing units hang on two points by steel cables. 

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